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    Blue plaid Naturalform polonaise


    The first two pictures are of a vintage dress, and the right is the fabric and lace I have set aside to reproduce this dress.  It consists of an underskirt with pleated trim at the hem, and a polonaise with lace trim and self piping.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and dagged with the edges piped and then a lace frill.

    I have been very excited about this one, but really how many polonaises can a girl have?  Is that rhetorical?

    My thoughts for this dress are to detail it with black.  I have some really lovely vintage black glass buttons that I think would really pop.  The original has red buttons, but my plaid does not have that red stripe, but a fine black one, so there you go. :-)  Estimated price for this dress, without further purchases, is $600.  Feel free to contact me, if you are interested or have questions.

    Here are some more pictures of the details.  Click the image for larger pictures.