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    So you want something special?

    ~Accepting commissions for 2018~

    What I Make:


    I specialize in Elizabethan men's and women's garments, as well as Victorian ladie's dresses. I am willing to do other eras, these are just the ones I have done the most work in.  Feel free to ask about whatever suits your fancy.   I am known for my desire to stay 'period correct' in the clothes I make, so I am unwilling to use inappropriate fabrics, trims, or theatrical closures.

    I design my outfits from the undies out.  Having appropriate underthings is necessary for proper fit.

    First things First: Your ideas

    Bring them to me! Bring me portraits, fashion plates, pics from movies, photos of extant garments...etc.  I am known for a love of meticulous historic details; don't worry about how complicated you think it might be.

    We will discuss what it is you are looking for, what fabrics you are considering, your budget, and time frame.  If you have a specific event that you require your outfit for, let me know, and we can design something unique for it.

    All of these details will lead me to creating a series of sketches for you to look through.



     Secondly: Sketches and Initial Deposits

    After your consultation I will be able to make some initial sketches for you that will include various views of the outfits as well as swatches of fabrics and trims to peruse.  Should these meet with complete satisfaction, I write up an estimate.  The estimate will be multi-faceted.  I generally have my customers buy their own approved fabric, and then I am payed for my labor.  I will also provide an estimate which is all inclusive.  A $100 non-refundable consultation fee will be charged for sketches, fabric sourcing, and estimates.  Any major changes to designs, size, or sketches will be billed at $50 an hour for new sketches and re-patterning.



    Thirdly: Measurements and Fittings  

    A detailed and precise set of measurements is necessary for the patterning and fitting process. I prefer to do these in person, but we can discuss the option of having someone else do them for you.  With Skyoe I can coach your friend or family member through taking the necessary measurements.

    Most everything I make requires a certain amount of fittings, typically one to three.  I travel the country for my job at Renaissance festivals, so I am generally easy to find. If it is possible to visit me in person at one of the events in Georgia, Wisconsin, or Texas, that would be optimal, but I know that in many cases this is impossible.  So, once again through the power of technology and the fun that is Skype, we can do fittings over the web.  This way I can watch your fitting and make adjustments where necessary, and it's fun!

    It is very important that all underwear (yours, or ones I have made for you) and shoes be worn at each fitting. So we can make sure everything works together the way it should.  Then I can get about the business of finishing your garments.




    And Finally: It's yours, now pay me and go be Beautiful! 

    At this point the garment is completed! I will want to verify that everything fits as it should and make any final finishing adjustments.

    Of course, payment is due in full before you take the garment home.

    What I won't do: You want what?!

    I do not do theater costumes that require velcro or zippers.  I am not really interested in fantasy, anime, or critter costumes.  I do not currently do men's tailoring, although I would like to, so check back on that one.

    I am an opinionated twit.  You are paying me for my talent and expertise.  Stating this leads to me saying that I will NOT work with fabric I do not like, or that I think is inappropriate.  Just be prepared; I am not afraid to say no.

    What I will doReally?  Cool!

    If you are interested in mixing some eras that can work well together to get a unique look, I am always curious.  A good example of this is Steampunk. Or perhaps you want a movie re-creation, bring it on!  I have my own ideas, but I am curious about yours.  So bring me all your thoughts.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and creating for you that perfect outfit for whatever your needs; Wedding, Renaissance Festival, Victorian Fair, or just for fun.

    Now, if you have made it to this point and you're not annoyed or scared, please feel free to contact me via direct email or use the contact submission further up the page on the right. 

    Thank you for your consideration,