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    Cream NaturalForm Polonaise

    SOLD!  Thank you!

    One of my personal favorite dresses!  But, I need room for other dresses, and I have so many ideas (and so much fabric), so I am cleaning out my closet.  :-)  You can click the smaller pictures for larger images.

    It is a light-weight wool, trimmed in silk and a patterened brocade.  All of the bows and the flounces on the matching underskirt are the same silk.  It is a colorchanging rust/green dupioni.   The underskirt is faked, meaning the top of it that is not seen is brown cotton with silk flounces.  The front closes with mother of pearl buttons that run down the entire front of the dress.  The top half function.

      I am selling the outfit with the hat and gloves.  The hat is a Truly Victorian straw form that I trimmed to match the dress.  The gloves are vintage leather and a size 6.5. 

    The corseted measurements that will fit the dress best are :

    Bust- 32-34

    Waist- 24-26

    Hips are mostly free, mine are 39

    I am 5'5", and it is a bit long on me, so if you are a little taller that would be fine. It does have a slight train to the underskirt. 

    I wore it over a small tournure that is not going with the dress.  I wore it half a dozen times, once to the Great Dickens Fair in CA, and I won 2nd Place in the Best Bustled Day dress in the world contest with it


    Thank you very much for your interest, and I look forward to this going to a good home!