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    Intro to Empty Dresses

    I have decided to share my personal stash!  I have tons of fabric that I've been hording, and outfit combinations that I've been collecting for years.  Most of these I have collected for myself, but I do really only have so much time and room for new dresses to wear.  Sad, but true. Take advantage of having fewer decisions to make.

    *POOF*  Let there be dresses!  :-)

    Here I will put fabric and trims that are ready to become custom-made dresses.  Some of these will have pictures or sketches of the dress I would like to recreate.  If you are interested please inquire and I will happily move it to Currently On the Table.  These are just the raw components and should fit anyone, unless I specify otherwise. 


    The first of these is a very sweet blue plaid polonaise that I have been hordeing the pieces to for quite some time.  I had saved the pictures from a vintage gown that was selling, and then lucked across the main fabric!  The patterns are so similar, I had to make it.  I look forward to seeing who thinks this is as adorable as I do. :-)