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    ~SOLD!~ Grey Floral Brocade

    Soon to be a wedding dress modeled after the green teagown below.

    This main fabric is a really lovely brocade in a french 18th Century style.  It is pearl grey with multi-colored floral bouquets.  You can see the three colors of silk that I have that match the colors perfectly.  My first thought was the figured teagown from Anna Karinina.  I have some very pretty soft ivory lace that would be very pretty with the brocade.  Then I came across the dress pictures at the top, and it occurred to that I have some charcoal cotton velvet that would be excellent with this!  I can use any one of the silks to act as a highlight color.  It is so great to come across a fabric that has SO much potential.  I just love grey! I look forward to your ideas as well, so should like, contact me.