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    Here is the Bride.

    Here is the culmination of all our work on Melanie's dress; the wedding day. Here is a little montage of wedding photos. I was stupid enough to not actually bring my own camera, so a great many thanks go to Kyle and MB for these images. Here is the link to the rest of the images. I will also update the dress diary.


    Shiney New Hotness!

    Today MB and I went to Melanie's house to deliver, and do a final fitting of the completed dress. Of course, we took along all that we made need for final adjustments, hooks & eyes, needle & thread, etc. Just to gloat a little, none of those items were needed. Everything fit perfectly, and looks great. She is going to shine like a star if we are lucky enough for sunshine. :) If you are interested in the process, visit the diary.


    By Jove, I think she's got it! and an update

    So this page will look odd to all of you who may have visited in the last week of its enception. I decided to have a separate personal blog. I will link heavily between the two, but I wanted Waisted Efforts to be more sewing dedicated. Here, you will find my new personal blog Falling Stars. Enjoy.

    As an update, MB and I did a fitting today on Melanie Yentzer, and I have added to her Wedding Dress Diary as well.


    The Baxter/Yentzer Wedding Project

    MaritaBeth and I are working on a wedding together over the next couple of weeks. I look forward to updating the dress diary.


    Wild Hair

    In March of 2007, I attended a VSA event, and decided to make a dress for it. Visit this dress diary to read all about it.