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    The Great Dressmaking Bonanza of 2011


    Is Over!  I completely overloaded myself this year.  Here are a few of the dresses I made.  I am waiting on pictures from the rest.  I didn't have the brain cells to remember my camera, let alone use it. -grin-

    I have already begun the set-up for next year's Dickens.  I have alotted 12 total dresses, 6 each for the Wisconsin and Texas clans.  I even created a spreadsheet so everyone can see what s available.  I already filled up all the Texas slots, and only have 2 slots left for WI.  So if you want dresses for next year, let me know soon!  I am also filling up the winter with catch-up.  I want to be done with all the unfinished projects!  I'll let know if that is a pipedream or not. :-) 




    The Wall Street Journal, who knew?!

    Check this out!  Waisted Efforts was mentioned in this article in the WallStreet Journal.  How cool!

    The article was actually written about Deeanne Gist and how she does research for her novels, as well how Romance authors represent historical clothing and its function in the novels.  I am totally flattered that I'm mentioned, and grateful to Deeanne for the opportunity.  I will be interested to see where this leads.  Watch the video part of the article to see the mention.  They use pieces of the instructional video I made for Deeanne on how to get dressed.  Tee-hee! :-)




    We have a winner!

    Thank you al so much for voting!  That was a lot of fun.  We had 39 votes total, and this lovely speciman won with 16.  Amusingly it is the dress that started my interest, so I guess it is fitting that it is the winner.  I may have to make the Burgundy Day as well at some point, just because it too is SO fabulous!

    I will soon start searching for and acquiring the necessary ingredients for the dress.  I have some fun ideas about acheiving the look, and adding a couple of things that I really liked from the other dresses.  Stay tuned for updates, and thanks again for participating in the polls.




    Which Dress?

    Want to feel involved?  Help me pick a dress to make for next year's Double Pattern Project put on by Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.  I love these all!  I built a poll to make it easy to help me choose

    GO, VOTE!!!

    Thanks so much. :-)


    On the prowl at Scarborough Fair

    Tim and the Jacobean suit are on the prowl today at Scarborough Fair with his lovely wife Eide.  All the pieces are completed and received no matter how many issues tried to get in the way.  He is thrilled with it, and I look forward to soon having pictures of him in it!  Till then I have finished his journal Tim's Fancy Pants, and moved it out of the Currently on the Table page. 

    I will be moving Winter Wraps for Tea off today soon as well, with the addition of the surprise muff I made for Denise.  Amusingly, it decided to rain all day for the tea, so there was not gong to be any bustled silk dress.  My wool worked out great, and Denise and I both opted for Turn of the Century dresses.  That was a surprise, too!  I should probably write up that journal, too.  The Seamstress wants a new dress part 2 or something. :-) 

    We'll see...Cheers!