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    The Wall Street Journal, who knew?!

    Check this out!  Waisted Efforts was mentioned in this article in the WallStreet Journal.  How cool!

    The article was actually written about Deeanne Gist and how she does research for her novels, as well how Romance authors represent historical clothing and its function in the novels.  I am totally flattered that I'm mentioned, and grateful to Deeanne for the opportunity.  I will be interested to see where this leads.  Watch the video part of the article to see the mention.  They use pieces of the instructional video I made for Deeanne on how to get dressed.  Tee-hee! :-)




    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Here is another long awaited update!  Deeanne Gist's Victorian Romance has been moved off the Table and into the Dress Journals. I added some more pictures to previous updates, and wrote the final installment.

    I am nearly caught up!  I will start working on the Journal for my wedding, but since I plan on entering it for a contest, I need to make sure it is all up to snuff.

    Enjoy this addition and keep an eye out for more.




    Weddings and a general lack of Time


    Hello!  It has been FOREVER!  Unfortunately this will not be the update that I want to have time for.  I am getting married in 3 weeks, and I just don't have the time to document like I would care to.  I am trying very hard to put little bits and pieces up on my facebook Waisted Efforts fanpage as I work on my Victorian wedding pieces.  Check it out there.This is the begining of the gold trim for my overskirt.

    Deeanne Gist's stuff was all completed, but again, I have not had the time to finish the Journal entry.  Deeanne all dressed up.I had a bunch of medical issues during Bristol that just kept me from being as efficient as usual.  I have uploaded all the pictures that she graciously allowed me to use from her event in preparation of the eventual entry.  You can see them on my flickr site in Victorian Romance.  

    The O'connor's Wedding turned out perfectly.  I am waiting on pictures and should have them soon.  Boy, when I do get to updating, it will be HUGE!

    The O'connors and the Barkers. So keep an eye out to the fanpage, and I will see you on the flip-side!



    A Romantic Ball Gown

    There is a Costume Ball at RomCon on July 9th.  Deeanne Gist will be there, and this is what she will be wearing.  This is a close-up showing the double piping at the bottom of the bodice, and the sleeve decorations.  I have updated her Page, A Victorian Romance, where you can check out what I've been working so hard on, and a little promotional video created just for an upcoming event with Deeanne Gist.