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    La Chapeau sans longer!

     I felt like doing something completely different. Thus, we have Sharon's new hat base. It is a French Bonnet, and it's little diary is here. I will of course decorate it once the dress is finished, but this is a great head start. I tried it on near the end, and I must say, I almost made another immediately! It is crazy, but so cute I can hardly stand it! I cannot wait to put frills, or flowers, or some other trimming in the peak.

     Woo hoo! This was fun...tedious in the extreme, but FUN!



    Just thought I'd mention finishing the Un-mentionables, and an Update

    I just finished Sharon Thompson's set of un-mentionables. I have assembled a little diary about its construction with images. Should you be interested, read it here.

    Also the rest of the pictures are here. Please, excuse all the crazy crap in the background. My workshop is also storage for the booth. :)

    The rest of the dress is finished, too, and she looked amazing at Dickens on the Strand that year!