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    On the Road Again...

    Happy Spring!  I just got down to GA for the first of my Renaissance fairs of the season, and it has only just sprung here. :-)  The trees have barely leafed, and the wisteria, as you can see, has only just bloomed.  This is unusual.  Typically when I arrive we are 3 weeks further into this process, and I only have a few days to see the wisteria before it is all leaves.  What this really means?  POLLEN!!!  Everything is blooming; especially the trees.  Trying to setup an outdoor event where your product needs to look attractive and sellable is made much more special by a thin flocking of yellow green pollen...oooo how pretty.  Not!  

    We had quite a bit of rain this weekend and a storm on Friday, so hopefully that will have calmed it down a bit.  I plan on setting up my workshop today.  I must jumo right in if I am going to get finished with all the projects I brought with me. :-)  Firstly, though, let me tell you about the project I just finished.


    A Saudi Arabian Evening Dress



    Based on my own Wedding Dress, a young lady who lives in Saudi Arabia wished for me to create for her a similar dress to wear on formal occasions.  In particular, her sister's upcoming wedding.  She gave all kinds of interesting insights on how they're ceremonies work, and it seems that later in the evening the women are able to continue the party separate from the men, and can remove their covering garments so they can all see their pretty dresses, and they last until 4am!  My girl had me make the dress longer because she had these fabulous heels she had found, but her poor feet were killing by the end of the evening.  :-)  We know how that feels, don't we ladies?

    This was a fun project.  I had not made anything for anyone, so far removed from me.  I am so thankful for Skype!  Her mom was very helpful in the fittings and the checking of measurements, but it was a little difficult to maintain deadlines when it takes 5-6 days to physically get anything there.  Thankfully everything fit, and she was very happy with her dress, and everyone loved it.  SHe felt like a Princess. :-)  


    I will leave with these pictures for today.  I am off to begin that set-up.  Soon there will be pictures of bodices, teagowns, under-dresses, hats, more 1910's dresses, bustle dresses, and maybe some Elizabethan stuff, and a bustle coat!

     Busy as a carpenter bee chewing on my booth!





    The Great Dickens Sewing Marathon of over...-ish

    So here is a teaser image from this year's sewing marathon.  I will update this soon, as I am still waiting on pictures to come in.  This was a really rough year; too many dresses, and not enough help.  What got finished is beautiful and I am very proud of it all, but I was unable to complete 2 pieces, and that never makes a dresmaker happy.  They don't realize it yet though, but they will be even happier when I do get finished! :-)

    I have put up some pictures in a new set on Flickr.  Check them out, and feel free to comment.  I will add more as soon as I have them.

    To close, here is another dress from this year.



    More Giesen Goodness

    Hi there!  I know, long-time no update. :-)  I realize that taking pictures with my phone, I need to figure out how to get them to Flickr from there.  I know there is a way, I just have to take the time to do it....and there's the rub. -grin-  Well at least when you get one, there are goodies to see.

    So!  This is Denise Giesen's new summer cotton dress.  She picked the very cute fashion plate, acquired some adorable printed cotton, matching mint eyelet, and I went to work.  I really liked the use of the accent color in the eyelet, but I couldn't reproduce that effect with our already completed fabric.  The other cotton dresses I made last year all incorporated ribbon from Over the Moon Ribbons, and she really liked the look.  We picked the accent based on the littlest bit of dark periwinkle in the fabric, and I used that wherever I could.  I love the belt!

    I was even able to construct the reticule from the wider ribbon.  This was a bit of an interesting feat, but it worked out great.  There is a coat hook and eye built into the straps and belt so it can be worn with or without the reticule attached.

    I listened to the entire first Uplift Trilogy by David Brin while making this dress.  He is a good companion for dress making, and an excellent author. 

    I am still in process on the other dresses.  I will be finishing up the bodice pieces for Laura K., and maybe my teagown I started in January, this week.  There might even be another update! -gasp-



    Georgia on My Mind

    The Georgia Renaissance Festival is my first show of the year.  I do not generally sew for anyone there, so it is where I have a chance to catch up.  This year I received a few orders right before I went to Georgia, and they are what I worked on. No cath-up this time.  To the left here, is part of Vicki's new 1860's Sheer Ensemble.  I made for her a day and ball top as well as the matching skirt set and hat. 

    This was a really fun order.  It gave me a chance to try out several 'new to me' techniques, and they all worked out great! I love the sheer fabric, and the day top with the built in short sleeved corset-cover is adorable.  I also made my first straw hat from scratch.  I am completely in love! I cannot wait to make loads of straw hats.  They look fantastic, are lighter weight, and much faster.  I like fast and still fabulous!  For more pictures of Vicki's lovely ensemble you can check out her flickr set.

    Another dress that was finished at GA was a very cute young ladies dress for 1893.  It is a whole lot of pink silk.  I lucked across some pink silk houndstooth suiting, silk faille, and cotton velvet.  All the pieces came out so cute I have a new appreciation for the color.  I was even able to locate some matching straw to make her hat on Ebay!  I did learn that narrower straw takes longer to make a hat. -grin-  Love it! You can see more pictures of the entire ensemble as well as the hat

    on the Flickr page.  I will be updating about the purpose of this dress and it's wearer soon.  Exciting stuff!!

    I made some adjustments to Deeanne's dress for the Titanic tea.  We re-draped the lace and gave it a tassel.  I have to say this is MUCH prettier.  Of course I do not have a picture of it. -sigh-  I was trying to hard to get it finished and mailed back for her event!  There will be pictures soon though.  Unless you are going to RomCon where you can see it in person. :-)

    Lets, see what else did I make?  There was loads of repairs for friends.  A couple of choli tops.  I finally finished that batch of corsets.  Four of them are for Dicken's this year, so I really needed to get them done, so there could be fittings. 

    I also had my first foray into modern clothing in forever!  My friend Linda is going to her niece's wedding in August and I am going to make her an arty coat, slacks, and blouse for the event.  The mockups were in linen, and they turned out well enough to keep and finish as well! 

    Well I am home for a little while, but I still need to sew.  There will be a couple of petticoats to match the corsets, and a new costume for the husband to fight in in MD.  So, I am off to sew!




    A Rewarding Endeavor

    I just found out the the O'Connors (right) are one of six finalist couples to be considered for the Renaissance Magazine Wedding issue for 2012.  How cool is that!?  It sure was a lot of work, but I love the final outcome.  You can check out the making of their outfits here on their journal.

    Also, in the vein of having too many dresses, and too much fabric with which to make other dresses... I am selling my cream polonaise outfit seen here.  Please email me if you have any questions. Piles of info on this page.  It will include the hat and gloves.