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    A mid 1880's Dinner Dress

    So these are the images and the fabrics that I have that I thought would be good for this style of dress.  The fabrics are all a mid-tone mauve jacquard, moire, satin, and a lovely warm black cotton velvet.  The gold and black lace fabric Is very fun with it, but more appropriate for an Edwardian styled guimpe. I used a little of it in this gown.  Here is another picture of the fabric I have.  I had a really hard time getting the color do look correct, but I think this one is closest. 

    The top dress would be mostly jacquard with velvet, and the moire where the light pink facings are.

    The magnifiscent dress from the MET I would do a little differently.  I would do the bodice, the apron, and the back of the overskirt in the velvet.  The front of the skirt in the jacquard, and the side panels and sash in the moire with the dags in bands of the gold lace piped in black.

    These are my thoughts, but I am of course very interested in your designs. Please feel free to contact me and discuss your interest.