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    Teagowns and Wrappers

    The top three images are a few of the combinations I thought would be fun for a teagown or wrapper.  Obviously I have a thing for stripes.  The top left-hand one is a really great satin stripe in chocolate and a dark salmon.  I always thought this would make an awesome 1860's wrapper to go over a hoop.  I want to put it with a really soft cream lace as trim.

    The top right-hand combination is a green wool and a striped silk.  This would also be a great princess day gown combination, similar to the one in the Janet Arnold book.  I also have some gold silk that I thought would be lovely piping for this dress.

    The final combo is my favorite, and I think would be gorgeous to reproduce the blue and gold tea gown at the bottom.  I LOVE this teagown.  The fake lacing on the watteau is very clever, and the bias ruffles are just so pretty.  Here are some larger pictures of them.

    The other images are just other examples of teagowns.  If you have a design you like, let me know.  Cost will vary greatly depending on materials and level of detailing.  My guess-timate is $350-$600.