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    Gently Worn Dresses for Sale


    My dear friend Missie has some dresses that have shrunk!  Imagine that :-)  I made these for her a few years ago, and she only had two or three chances to wear them before the horrible shrinking occured.  This is a great opportunity to have two stunning custom made gowns immediatly, and at great prices.  You can see their information, measurements, and prices at their Gallery page here.

    Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

    I fixed the above link finally!  I had to actually right some HTML!  Not my favorite. :-P Works now though! :-)


    Here are a couple of pictures of Missie in the purple dress.


    On to the New Year

    Happy New Year!

    ...almost :-)

    I am busily woking towards the first couple of deadlines at the beginning of the new year.  After that my next deadline is April, so I can get to work on the rest of the projects, some Victorian bits, Elizabethan bits, finish a bunch of stuff...bits. :-)

    This picture is of the Edwardian dress I am currently working on.  It is Aubergine velvet and chiffon with a lovely striped georgette and Vintage bullioned sari trim.  I am very excited to see it come together.  I am currently stil working on the boned guimpe, but will soon start adding layers.  Watch for more pictures here or on facebook.


    Happy New Year to everyone!!





    The Great Dickens Sewing Marathon of over...-ish

    So here is a teaser image from this year's sewing marathon.  I will update this soon, as I am still waiting on pictures to come in.  This was a really rough year; too many dresses, and not enough help.  What got finished is beautiful and I am very proud of it all, but I was unable to complete 2 pieces, and that never makes a dresmaker happy.  They don't realize it yet though, but they will be even happier when I do get finished! :-)

    I have put up some pictures in a new set on Flickr.  Check them out, and feel free to comment.  I will add more as soon as I have them.

    To close, here is another dress from this year.



    Hurricane Sandy


    I just received notice that Hurricane Sandy is busily flooding the building that contains the servers for my site.  They have assured me that there will be no data loss, but I thought I would post a little update before we dissappear.  All thoughts and prayers focused on the North East.  Stay snug and warm; spread the love.

    On a sewing front, there is much Victorian dressmaking in the works.  I will hope to have pictures ready for when we are Live again.





    More Giesen Goodness

    Hi there!  I know, long-time no update. :-)  I realize that taking pictures with my phone, I need to figure out how to get them to Flickr from there.  I know there is a way, I just have to take the time to do it....and there's the rub. -grin-  Well at least when you get one, there are goodies to see.

    So!  This is Denise Giesen's new summer cotton dress.  She picked the very cute fashion plate, acquired some adorable printed cotton, matching mint eyelet, and I went to work.  I really liked the use of the accent color in the eyelet, but I couldn't reproduce that effect with our already completed fabric.  The other cotton dresses I made last year all incorporated ribbon from Over the Moon Ribbons, and she really liked the look.  We picked the accent based on the littlest bit of dark periwinkle in the fabric, and I used that wherever I could.  I love the belt!

    I was even able to construct the reticule from the wider ribbon.  This was a bit of an interesting feat, but it worked out great.  There is a coat hook and eye built into the straps and belt so it can be worn with or without the reticule attached.

    I listened to the entire first Uplift Trilogy by David Brin while making this dress.  He is a good companion for dress making, and an excellent author. 

    I am still in process on the other dresses.  I will be finishing up the bodice pieces for Laura K., and maybe my teagown I started in January, this week.  There might even be another update! -gasp-