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    Not Dead Yet!

    I promise I'm still around and still making dresses!  This site and its outdated interface will get revamped, hopefully this winter.  I am currently up to my eyeballs in dressmaking for Dickens on the Strand 2017.  Please look at and LIKE my facebook page, if you can.  It gets updated much more often because it's soooooo easy. 

     I'll leave you with a gorgeous photo my friend Johan, from Johan Clicks took for me in a really fun photoshoot from the summer of 2016.  We'll be doing another in the near future...oh yeah. 

    I'm also accepting commisions for 2018.


    This Dickens was another great success!

    So here we are again, after another mad dash sewing for Dickens.  Missie as my minion and I were able to pound out 10 dresses and assorted pieces.  This awesome photo is all of the girls that were present Saturday morning in dresses I made--14 of them.  It was a real rush to see them all lined up that way.  Unfortunately it was about 40º all weekend, so many of the dresses are covered up with wraps, but I'm sure you get the idea. :-)

    Here are two of the lovely Ginger's 1890's dresses.  One she kindly loaned out and her new one I made her this year.  If you are a Victorian dress buff, you will notice that it is directly inspired by a Worth gown.

    There are a great many more pictures on my Facebook Page Waisted Efforts, so please go look at that, and like it, please.  It often gets more updates, just because it is faster. 

    Here's a picture of the back of my new ball gown.  Hopefully I will have more pictures soon!  :-)











    And as a finaly here is a picture of the entire Y.E.S. Clump.  We at the Yeasteryear Enthusiast Society take our group photos seriously!  -grin-



    Almost that time again...


    Hi there!  I finally have the time and the internet to post an update.  -grin-  Above you see one of the projects that I actually remembered to get pictures of this Spring.  This is my dear friend Starr's newly decorated bodice.  Last year for Dickens I was unable to get all the handwork completed on it so gave her the blue moiré bodice to wear sans trim to wear for the weekend.  This is the bodice that goes with the dress that I was reproducing from a dress that resides at the MET.

     You can see here how the trim looks with the whole dress here.  The only real difference being that our dress is silk and moiré instead of wool, so on the skirt where the pleated trim looks fringed and the same color, I actually used the rust silk there as well, but the horizontal lines are satin ribbon instead,  This gives a visual texture difference as opposed to color.  

    I spent about 8 days putting this trim on in by hand.  The strips are bias, and there was a lot of tweaking to get them to lay nicely as well not stretch too much and not bind.  I needed these to NOT hinder the movement of the finished bodice or change its relative size.  

    As an aside to this I finally watched and caught up with all 7 seasons of Doctor Who while I was doing the hand sewing. (I watch very little TV and had not seen any DW since 2005). Totally appropriate really when Starr is also a huge fan. -grin-

    In another note, the buttons are vintage.  My lovely friend Eide had them on her etsy site.  They are 3/8" copper back cut steel with oak leaves and acorns as the motif.  They are perfect!


    For more pictures of the finished bodice from more angles than necessary please go look at the Flickr tag Starr.





    And now onto the Wedding this year.  Meet Emily Soens née Gormican and Kevin Soens.  Kevin had his gorgeous 3-piece suit made for him by Dandy's suits in Austin.  We saw them at Dickens last year, and they do great work as well as being super friendly.  I have personally seen 3 of their suits, and they have all looked fantastic as well as fit extremely well.  They have a great eye for detail.

    For Emily, she has a huge love for vintage clothes and the Victorian era, so she leapt right down the rabbit-hole with glee!

    I made for her an entire trousseau of bloomers, camisole, corset, and petticoat in a lovely ecru with vintage lace.  Her two Naturalform dresses were also intended to be worn at other functions.  This way they could be more fun, and less strictly bridal.  The day dress which she wore for pre-wedding photos is a French brocade reminiscent of 18th century designs with dark copper metallic lace over an underskirt of celadon blue silk with velvet ribbon trim.

    The wedding dress is a buff taffeta polonaise trimmed in applied ivory lace with vintage glass buttons.  At the back of the skirt at the bustled points are two detachable blue velvet ribbons with two more buttons.  This is then worn over the same blue underskirt.

    We have plans of potentially adding another bodice to the pieces that is for fancier evening events like the Ball at Dickens, but for now they both look stunning!

    If you would like to see some more pictures of Emily's dresses from their final fitting, please look at their flickr Set Gormican/Soens Wedding.  

    Now, it is about that time again to start sewing like mad for Dickens.  I have some really pretty dresses about to be made.  I will do my best to at least document parts of their building.  I often do updates on Facebook at my fan page Waisted Efforts, more regularly than here.  So, check in frequently and feel free to comment.  

    see you soon! Cheers!


    Gently Worn Dresses for Sale


    My dear friend Missie has some dresses that have shrunk!  Imagine that :-)  I made these for her a few years ago, and she only had two or three chances to wear them before the horrible shrinking occured.  This is a great opportunity to have two stunning custom made gowns immediatly, and at great prices.  You can see their information, measurements, and prices at their Gallery page here.

    Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

    I fixed the above link finally!  I had to actually right some HTML!  Not my favorite. :-P Works now though! :-)


    Here are a couple of pictures of Missie in the purple dress.