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    The Fancy Pants

    I have finally uploaded some pictures of Tim's slops to Flickr, and also a short update to his journal, Tim's Fancy Pants.  Now, I am off to bed, to see if I can't sleep out some of this sick.  -bleh-


    I won the contest!

    I won!  I never win anything.  Of course, I typically don't enter contests either.  That does make it more diffilcult.  I am just not a very competetive person.  This was fun though.  To be viewed and judged by my peers worldwide, was a really great experience.

    Thanks for all the comments and votes!




    More Wedding Pictures and a Contest

    I've been a busy girl lately.  There is much sewing, of course, but I also had time to go to the opening of a play my husband directed, and participate in Your Wardrobe Unlock'd's Double Period Pattern Project.  A week ago I won my category, of Best Experienced Naturalform Dress, with my wedding dress, and tomorrow we find out who won the over best of show!  There are only five of us, and everything is really fabulous.  I am so excited.

    Today, Clay got up some of the "Official Wedding" pictures!  The color is really spectacular, and he says I should have the rest by next weekend! Yea!  I can't wait to see them.  Then I can finally have some copies made and sent off to relatives who couldn't come.  It is already a great week, and it is only Monday. 

    There is about to be a lot of activity on the Tim's Fancy Pants project.  Have to have that done before I leave for GA at the end of the month.

    What am I typing for, back to sewing.



    Anyone -need- a NF polonaise? I know, who doesn't! :-)

    You may have noticed I added a new section, Dresses with Nobody in them.  Besides an amusing Dr. Suess reference, it is also where I am going to put the makings of complete dresses that are only missing people to make them for.  I have put one up already, a luscious blue plaid Naturalform polonaise.  Here is a picture of the original that inspired the hunt.




    New Dress...? Comments, please :-)

    On the Thames/Return from Henley -TissotI wish to make this Naturalform dress... for myself.  Unfortunately I cannot find the fabric!  I really love the burnt orange of the coordinating silk, so that is what I am looking for, a light background, sparesly printed orangey floral, that is prefferably a lawn or semi sheer fabric.  I know, not demanding at all!  Click the picture if you'd like to see it larger.

    If anyone has a suggestion, I would gladly take the help.  

    ~Thanks and cheers!