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    On the prowl at Scarborough Fair

    Tim and the Jacobean suit are on the prowl today at Scarborough Fair with his lovely wife Eide.  All the pieces are completed and received no matter how many issues tried to get in the way.  He is thrilled with it, and I look forward to soon having pictures of him in it!  Till then I have finished his journal Tim's Fancy Pants, and moved it out of the Currently on the Table page. 

    I will be moving Winter Wraps for Tea off today soon as well, with the addition of the surprise muff I made for Denise.  Amusingly, it decided to rain all day for the tea, so there was not gong to be any bustled silk dress.  My wool worked out great, and Denise and I both opted for Turn of the Century dresses.  That was a surprise, too!  I should probably write up that journal, too.  The Seamstress wants a new dress part 2 or something. :-) 

    We'll see...Cheers!


    The Fancy Pants

    I have finally uploaded some pictures of Tim's slops to Flickr, and also a short update to his journal, Tim's Fancy Pants.  Now, I am off to bed, to see if I can't sleep out some of this sick.  -bleh-