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    We have a winner!

    Thank you al so much for voting!  That was a lot of fun.  We had 39 votes total, and this lovely speciman won with 16.  Amusingly it is the dress that started my interest, so I guess it is fitting that it is the winner.  I may have to make the Burgundy Day as well at some point, just because it too is SO fabulous!

    I will soon start searching for and acquiring the necessary ingredients for the dress.  I have some fun ideas about acheiving the look, and adding a couple of things that I really liked from the other dresses.  Stay tuned for updates, and thanks again for participating in the polls.




    Which Dress?

    Want to feel involved?  Help me pick a dress to make for next year's Double Pattern Project put on by Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.  I love these all!  I built a poll to make it easy to help me choose

    GO, VOTE!!!

    Thanks so much. :-)