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    One lump, or two? A Titanic Tea

    Here is the long awaited update to the Edwardian dress I have been working on for Deeanne Gist.  It is on its way to her currently, and I can't wait to see pictures of her in it!

    There are loads more pictures on Flickr in the High Tea set.

    In other news, I am starting today the 1860's dress for a new customer from the blue and white cotton I put up.  It will have a day and an evening top. 

    Also, our dear friend Laura is going to give the plaid polonaise a home, and we will be making that this year at Bristol!

    And finally, the Ermine capelet has found a new home.  I hope she loves it as much as I did.  Keep an eye out here on the For Sale tab, as I periodically sell off bits from my own collection or dresses I have made.

    Thanks so much for keeping up with us despite the long periods between updates!  Please feel free to comment on the posts themselves.  I would love to get some feedback so I know if you actually like that kind of detail, or would prefer less bombast and more pictures! :-)



    Look, Who got Published!

    Yup! The O'Connors are one of three winners in the Renaissance Magazines Wedding Photo Contest.  How awesome is that?  They look just marvelous.  Selfishly, my favorite picture is the one with the Barkers and the O'Connors together.  Lots of Waisted Efforts goodness all in one. :-)  Congratulations, O'Connors!


    On a DPP 2012 note; I did not enter this year.  I just had too many things get in the way for me to meet the deadline.  I am super excited to see the entries tomorrow!  I am still making the dress for Deeanne, and will soon have pictures up to prove it. -grin-  The fabrics are SO incredibly awesome.  Still trying to decide what hat to make.  There are several choices, and so many neato ways to go.  Look back soon for those updates.

    Till then goodluck to all the entrants in the DPP this year.  May the bestest dress and underwear bits win!




    We have a winner!

    Thank you al so much for voting!  That was a lot of fun.  We had 39 votes total, and this lovely speciman won with 16.  Amusingly it is the dress that started my interest, so I guess it is fitting that it is the winner.  I may have to make the Burgundy Day as well at some point, just because it too is SO fabulous!

    I will soon start searching for and acquiring the necessary ingredients for the dress.  I have some fun ideas about acheiving the look, and adding a couple of things that I really liked from the other dresses.  Stay tuned for updates, and thanks again for participating in the polls.




    Which Dress?

    Want to feel involved?  Help me pick a dress to make for next year's Double Pattern Project put on by Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.  I love these all!  I built a poll to make it easy to help me choose

    GO, VOTE!!!

    Thanks so much. :-)