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    The Great Dickens Sewing Marathon of over...-ish

    So here is a teaser image from this year's sewing marathon.  I will update this soon, as I am still waiting on pictures to come in.  This was a really rough year; too many dresses, and not enough help.  What got finished is beautiful and I am very proud of it all, but I was unable to complete 2 pieces, and that never makes a dresmaker happy.  They don't realize it yet though, but they will be even happier when I do get finished! :-)

    I have put up some pictures in a new set on Flickr.  Check them out, and feel free to comment.  I will add more as soon as I have them.

    To close, here is another dress from this year.



    Almost a New Year, and updates to the site

    We are almost through with 2010 and I am working on getting all the Journals updated as well as sprucing up the site a bit.

    I uploaded a pile of pictures and completed the Redmond/O'Connor Wedding Journal today.  Also in the process of making the site more user-friendly; I reorganized the Portfolio link.  There are now Catagories!

    Undies, Elizabethan, Edwardian, Victorian:Bustles, Victorian: Hoops, Victorian:1890s, and Hats

    Check it all out.  If you have any questions or comments, please share!