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    Look, Who got Published!

    Yup! The O'Connors are one of three winners in the Renaissance Magazines Wedding Photo Contest.  How awesome is that?  They look just marvelous.  Selfishly, my favorite picture is the one with the Barkers and the O'Connors together.  Lots of Waisted Efforts goodness all in one. :-)  Congratulations, O'Connors!


    On a DPP 2012 note; I did not enter this year.  I just had too many things get in the way for me to meet the deadline.  I am super excited to see the entries tomorrow!  I am still making the dress for Deeanne, and will soon have pictures up to prove it. -grin-  The fabrics are SO incredibly awesome.  Still trying to decide what hat to make.  There are several choices, and so many neato ways to go.  Look back soon for those updates.

    Till then goodluck to all the entrants in the DPP this year.  May the bestest dress and underwear bits win!




    A Rewarding Endeavor

    I just found out the the O'Connors (right) are one of six finalist couples to be considered for the Renaissance Magazine Wedding issue for 2012.  How cool is that!?  It sure was a lot of work, but I love the final outcome.  You can check out the making of their outfits here on their journal.

    Also, in the vein of having too many dresses, and too much fabric with which to make other dresses... I am selling my cream polonaise outfit seen here.  Please email me if you have any questions. Piles of info on this page.  It will include the hat and gloves. 



    Almost a New Year, and updates to the site

    We are almost through with 2010 and I am working on getting all the Journals updated as well as sprucing up the site a bit.

    I uploaded a pile of pictures and completed the Redmond/O'Connor Wedding Journal today.  Also in the process of making the site more user-friendly; I reorganized the Portfolio link.  There are now Catagories!

    Undies, Elizabethan, Edwardian, Victorian:Bustles, Victorian: Hoops, Victorian:1890s, and Hats

    Check it all out.  If you have any questions or comments, please share!




    Weddings and a general lack of Time


    Hello!  It has been FOREVER!  Unfortunately this will not be the update that I want to have time for.  I am getting married in 3 weeks, and I just don't have the time to document like I would care to.  I am trying very hard to put little bits and pieces up on my facebook Waisted Efforts fanpage as I work on my Victorian wedding pieces.  Check it out there.This is the begining of the gold trim for my overskirt.

    Deeanne Gist's stuff was all completed, but again, I have not had the time to finish the Journal entry.  Deeanne all dressed up.I had a bunch of medical issues during Bristol that just kept me from being as efficient as usual.  I have uploaded all the pictures that she graciously allowed me to use from her event in preparation of the eventual entry.  You can see them on my flickr site in Victorian Romance.  

    The O'connor's Wedding turned out perfectly.  I am waiting on pictures and should have them soon.  Boy, when I do get to updating, it will be HUGE!

    The O'connors and the Barkers. So keep an eye out to the fanpage, and I will see you on the flip-side!



    We have a trousseau...-ish

    This is a close-up of the fabric I used in Deeane Gist's trousseau for the chemise and drawers.  It really is white, but that is a hard color to photograph when the camera demands flash. This macro image shows thge embroidery and pintucks that really make this fabric special.  I have posted an update to her page here.  Check out that process, and the pieces involved. 

    In other costuming news I finished and sent off the last of the couched pieces to Dianna for beading.  I have the lining for that over skirt coming, and will be finishing up the beading on the forepart.  I want to get the skirt done first as it is the most difficult to fit, and will have hours of cartridge pleating to complete.  I am really good at those now! *grin*

    So in the last 2 weeks I am in Georgia, I need to complete a ball gown, and get all the beading done.  Fun and excitement!.