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    Almost a New Year, and updates to the site

    We are almost through with 2010 and I am working on getting all the Journals updated as well as sprucing up the site a bit.

    I uploaded a pile of pictures and completed the Redmond/O'Connor Wedding Journal today.  Also in the process of making the site more user-friendly; I reorganized the Portfolio link.  There are now Catagories!

    Undies, Elizabethan, Edwardian, Victorian:Bustles, Victorian: Hoops, Victorian:1890s, and Hats

    Check it all out.  If you have any questions or comments, please share!




    Better Late than Never!

    My dear friend Delaenya was very patient this year when I got sick, and could not finish her new dress for Dickens on the Strand last year.  Now, having more time, I have been finishing it up.  Here you can see the inspiration picture as well.  I won't do a diary of this, because I just can't remember now. :-) 

    I made it from a really pretty cut cotton velvet with linen back fabric, in shades of brown and orange that I found at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  My original intention was to make a bustle coat with it, but Delaenya like the fabric a lot, so now it is a dress!  I mixed it with a woven blended fabric in shades of orange, and the pleated trim is linen. 

    I have an enormous weak spot for polonaises, and this came out really cute.  I may need to have one!

    There are a few more pictures on flickr, and I will add more once it is complete!


    Giesen-y Garments of Goodness Part II

    Here we are again, counting down towards Dickens, and I have a PILE of dresses to make. Of course. "How is that different?", I here you ask. It isn't. *grin*

    Here first installment of new additions to Denise's Victorian Wardrobe.
    This is an early 1870's outfit with day and dinner tops.
    fashion platelive version

    I have a diary of its completion so far, and will be adding more as I get the dinner top complete.
    Here is also the Flickr set of all the pictures to date.

    Enjoy. I am going to get back to work. : )