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    Better Late than Never!

    My dear friend Delaenya was very patient this year when I got sick, and could not finish her new dress for Dickens on the Strand last year.  Now, having more time, I have been finishing it up.  Here you can see the inspiration picture as well.  I won't do a diary of this, because I just can't remember now. :-) 

    I made it from a really pretty cut cotton velvet with linen back fabric, in shades of brown and orange that I found at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  My original intention was to make a bustle coat with it, but Delaenya like the fabric a lot, so now it is a dress!  I mixed it with a woven blended fabric in shades of orange, and the pleated trim is linen. 

    I have an enormous weak spot for polonaises, and this came out really cute.  I may need to have one!

    There are a few more pictures on flickr, and I will add more once it is complete!


    Taffeta Stripe is done!

    Except for the sewing of the eyelets with I have till the first week of November to finish; the new outfit is complete. I added a new page to "Denise dahling, you can't wear that 'ol thing" called"And here's what's for dinner!"

    Enjoy! Back to work for me. Time to start on Miss Peasley.


    Giesen-y Garments of Goodness Part II

    Here we are again, counting down towards Dickens, and I have a PILE of dresses to make. Of course. "How is that different?", I here you ask. It isn't. *grin*

    Here first installment of new additions to Denise's Victorian Wardrobe.
    This is an early 1870's outfit with day and dinner tops.
    fashion platelive version

    I have a diary of its completion so far, and will be adding more as I get the dinner top complete.
    Here is also the Flickr set of all the pictures to date.

    Enjoy. I am going to get back to work. : )


    Just thought I'd mention finishing the Un-mentionables, and an Update

    I just finished Sharon Thompson's set of un-mentionables. I have assembled a little diary about its construction with images. Should you be interested, read it here.

    Also the rest of the pictures are here. Please, excuse all the crazy crap in the background. My workshop is also storage for the booth. :)

    The rest of the dress is finished, too, and she looked amazing at Dickens on the Strand that year!