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    One lump, or two? A Titanic Tea

    Here is the long awaited update to the Edwardian dress I have been working on for Deeanne Gist.  It is on its way to her currently, and I can't wait to see pictures of her in it!

    There are loads more pictures on Flickr in the High Tea set.

    In other news, I am starting today the 1860's dress for a new customer from the blue and white cotton I put up.  It will have a day and an evening top. 

    Also, our dear friend Laura is going to give the plaid polonaise a home, and we will be making that this year at Bristol!

    And finally, the Ermine capelet has found a new home.  I hope she loves it as much as I did.  Keep an eye out here on the For Sale tab, as I periodically sell off bits from my own collection or dresses I have made.

    Thanks so much for keeping up with us despite the long periods between updates!  Please feel free to comment on the posts themselves.  I would love to get some feedback so I know if you actually like that kind of detail, or would prefer less bombast and more pictures! :-)



    Please, Sir, May I have some more...?

    This is one of several new things I have added to Empty Dresses.  This is the picture I made for the teagown offerings I have. 

    I have larger versions of all the pictures, so if you can't see something you might be interested in, please let me know.

    There are  other delightful bits of dress candy as well, so go check it out!


    In other news, I recently finished a dress for a client in CA that I only ever saw once, but also needed the dress at the speed of light for this past weekend be SteamPunk Con on the Queen Mary.  That would have been fun!  I have always wanted to see the Queen Mary.  It would be an awesome place to do pictures. 

    I was able to get her her dress  on time, and it fit like a glove.  You're always worried on a remote order that things will somehow go awry.  I am glad to say though, that in this instance, everything worked out perfectly.  So let's get to the fun part and some pictures.

    Okay, so I was obviously going for Naturalform.  It is black velvet and several different bronze fabrics.  The glass buttons and the moire ribbon are both vintage.

    The double-breasted vest is purely decorative but does actually button over the functional closure.

    And, the cutest thing ever! I was able to make her reticule out of the left-over pleating from the skirt.  :-) Love that! 

    Now I am off to make more mundane pieces, shirts, vests, camisoles, and the like.  I am looking forward to not working at a Dickens pace this week!




    Married Life is Good!

    My dear friend Rhonni took this great photo during the ceremony from the breeze way above where the reception would be.

    As promised, here is the final update to My Victorian Wedding Journals.  If you want the Journal in bite-size pieces...ish, the first is Getting Started, second is My dress, finished and married!, and third is My Attendants (and Sisters) :-)  Phew!  That took all day.  Let me know what you think! 

    I know many of you came to the wedding, and I want to thank you.  Many of you stayed the weekend, and some of you got to experience the fun we have at Dickens on the Strand for the very first time; thank you for that, too.

    It was quite the journey.  Thanks for coming along.  This project is OFF the table!





    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Here is another long awaited update!  Deeanne Gist's Victorian Romance has been moved off the Table and into the Dress Journals. I added some more pictures to previous updates, and wrote the final installment.

    I am nearly caught up!  I will start working on the Journal for my wedding, but since I plan on entering it for a contest, I need to make sure it is all up to snuff.

    Enjoy this addition and keep an eye out for more.




    Better Late than Never!

    My dear friend Delaenya was very patient this year when I got sick, and could not finish her new dress for Dickens on the Strand last year.  Now, having more time, I have been finishing it up.  Here you can see the inspiration picture as well.  I won't do a diary of this, because I just can't remember now. :-) 

    I made it from a really pretty cut cotton velvet with linen back fabric, in shades of brown and orange that I found at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  My original intention was to make a bustle coat with it, but Delaenya like the fabric a lot, so now it is a dress!  I mixed it with a woven blended fabric in shades of orange, and the pleated trim is linen. 

    I have an enormous weak spot for polonaises, and this came out really cute.  I may need to have one!

    There are a few more pictures on flickr, and I will add more once it is complete!